Overdrive Zero

Gang Territory

Must make an unlikely ally


Flashback: Kelly Amoureaux is first created having been born is a large incubation tube. A little later she is given her first assignment; to entertain Miguel Sauvageot of Engarde Security. Kelly of Miguel have a lovely evening and the next morning Kelly finds that she sleeps in even though she set an alarm. Miguel is gone and something does not seem right.

Group meets up with Chrome Chackals out by and old abandoned dam that they made their base. Their leader, Fariq Abbas tells them he was expecting them after getting word from Alina. He offers everyone drinks and they hang out and have a good time. While talking Fariq tells them that he doesn’t think that Metzner’s document is worth smuggling across the border and will not convince the government of anything. Thibout recognizes Fariq from the muslim ghetto.

Fariq asks Thibout if he would like to join the Chrome Chackals were he would be accepted for both his religion and cybernetics but Thibout refuses on the grounds that the Chrome Chackals needlessly hurt and kill people.

Kelly and Fariq go into the back room and all but Thibout starts feeling funny and realize the drinks were drugged. The group manages to shake off the affects and Lesko grabs and Chrome Chackals putting a gun to his back asking why he was drugged. They find out that the price on Kelly and Lesko’s head is too valuable to let go and since all they are transporting is worthless documents they want to collect the bounty.

Kelly makes deal with Fariq to let everyone go and she will stay as Fariq has fallen for her.

Cam contacts an online friend and find out that Metzner Manifesto has been on the dark net for a week and half. She then notices a car drive up.

The Chrome Chackals get on their bikes and head out toward the car planning on taking it out. Cam hops on the back of a big and sees that in the car is Detective Connie Si Yan. She convinces the gang not to kill Connie but hey destroy her car.

Lesko and Thibout try to convince Kelly to go back on deal and leave with them. She makes new deal with Fariq that she will come back after they finish the delivery.

Flashback Cam see the birthday cake and hears the song. She sees her father who call her Connie.

Everyone regroups and Fariq agrees to let them take a motorcycle and they head off and find an old farm where they stay in the barn.



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