Overdrive Zero

It Never Ends

Team returns to Paris


Kelly and Zoe take an escape pod back to Earth and get picked up by some scavengers in the sea. They try to capture them but Thibout Jahaur finds where there are and helps rescue them.

They return to Paris and stay at Guy Carlyle who has a crush on Kelly and helped them before. While on the train Zoe picks up a strange signal and finds out it is coming from a sliver of metal on her. She suspects it is a tracking device and plants it on someone else.

While at Guy’s they discover more metal sliver. Guy analysis it and thinks that it is pieces of the AI that possessed Lucas Cabrera. Guy stays up the night while Kelly watches him.

Zoe and Thibout look at the info Zoe collected from Remy right before he died.

They find a video of Kelly and discover that she has some kind courier with data built into her.



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