Overdrive Zero

Media Blitz

Kelly finds out she is the most popular girl in town


The next day Guy Carlyle says he needs a full lab with better equipment to study the A.I. slivers. The group agrees to find him some space but before they leave Zoe gets a media feeds showing that Kelly Amoureaux is trending.

She sees pictures of the farmhouse on the feed and realizes that they are out front as they speak. Zoe wants to keep everything undercover and has Kelly hide in the trunk while they drive out in Guy’s junker car.

Thibout takes the wheel and is able to lose most of the paparazzi but one stays on their tail. Zoe has them pull over and zeeks his mind making him believe the she is Kelly. The paparazzi believes it and records the entire thing and they manage to leave.

They meet up with Cam who just finished a job with the mafia back on Langrange 5.

They get Kelly a disguise and pull her off the grid.



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