Overdrive Zero

The Intervening Months

Camille 'Cam' MachZoe BazinetLeskoThibout Jahaur
The last six months have been hard on the crew. Ravenlocke Securities influence has grown as they gain for enforcement contract throughout Europe. With each new region they take, the places to work and live comfortably have grown smaller and smaller. Lesko and Kelly are still wanted for murder, and Cam and Thibout wanted as persons of interest.

Kelly is still being pursued by Remy, though she’s been able to stay a step or two ahead of him, using clients and allies to misdirect his efforts to track her down.

Lesko has maintained a renewed relationship with Connie despite tensions caused by her work within a corporation that actively seeks Lesko’s arrest. Connie abruptly stopped responding to Lesko’s communications. He has not seen or heard from her in a few months.

Thibout has disappeared into the French Muslim community, presumably assisting them with their cause. Although he has not been seem since the Germany job, he’s left a line of communication with Lesko, as Thibout still owes him a considerable debt.



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