Overdrive Zero

The Johannesburg Job

New job: Johannesburg, South Africa August 2090


The crew found their most recent employer through their contact Alina. She was approached for a job, and referred her client to the crew. Since the job required a skilled hacker, Alina has also called in Zoe Bazinet, a friend of hers who also has a history with Lesko.

The employer is rising pop star Hanna Selassie. She made the news a few months ago when she and a few other notable celebrities were kidnapped outside a Caribbean resort. The celebrities were rescued by local authorities, but the celebrities have reason to believe that their minds were uploaded without their consent during their brief capture.

A weeks work allowed the crew to track the criminals to Johannesburg, where a man named Alonzo Gardner purchased these uploads to transport off world. The team made a plan and got to work.

Half a kilometer above the street, Camille Mach climbs the glass surface of the Tswalu Kalahari Hotel on gecko-padded gloves. With Zoe’s assistance, she avoids the drones searching the outside of the building. Something is already wrong, as drones do not normally patrol the outside of the building. She slips though a secured ventilation shaft and begins to investigate pair of men who sold the uploads to Gardner.

In the luxurious VIP lounge, Kelly Amoureaux waits for Gardner to arrive, and prevent him from leaving on the the spaceport’s elevator to Earth Orbit. Lesko waits nearby at the bar, watching Kelly and scanning the lounge for signs of trouble.

As Kelly spots and intercepts Gardner, spilling her drink on him and leading him away to the bar, Lesko spots a pair of wolf hybrid goons taking an interest in Gardner as well. Using Kelly’s TAP as a proxy, Zoe Bazinet begin to hack Gardner and extracts information on what room the deal took place, the location of the goods (sewn into Gardner’s luggage), and the password necessary to extract the data.

When Zoe tries to access the TAPs of the goons, she learns that another hacking is countering her efforts. This hacker is also aware of her. She’s able to track down the location of this hacker, but she’s in another building, and unable to convince Lesko that the hacker is a higher priority that the hybrid goons watching Gardner.

Lesko approaches the goons with drinks and tries to talk them into revealing their goals, but the men remain tight-lipped.

Kelly convinces Gardner to delay his flight and return to the hotel with her. The pair head back towards the hotel. The hybrid pursue them, and Lesko heads after the hybrids.

Lesko slips through the crowd and catches the younger of the two hybrids unaware, grabbing him, slamming him through a restroom door and pinning him in place. He learns that they’re here to ensure that Gardner makes it onto the lift into orbit. He doesn’t know his employer’s identity. Lesko asks if the goon wants to be knocked out so spare him embarrassment. He does and Lesko takes him out with a single blow to the head.

Kelly notices her remaining pursuer and screams. This draws the attention of the security guards and the crowd around her. Kelly takes advantage of the situation and leaves the concourse through a emergency exit. The remaining goon, is given her location from the hacker and pursues.

Lesko heads towards the remaining goon, but the enemy hacker subverts his AR display, blocking out the majority of Lesko’s field of vision. Now blinded, Lesko convinces a passer by to lead him back to the bar towards hacker, who does not realize he’s been found.

On the net, Zoe and the hacker exchange attacks. Zoe falters at first, but boosts her performance with drugs and launches a counter attack. Between this and Lesko’s imposing physical presence (and a fork jabbed into the hacker’s side). The hacker is caught. Lesko can see again and Kelly is no longer traceable.

Outside, Kelly turns on her pursuer and shines a very bright flashlight in the goon’s face. To his night-adapted eyes, this is blinding. He staggers around and looses Kelly and Gardner’s trail as they slip back into the hotel.

Back on the 186th floor, Cam sneaks through the ventilation shafts and recorders around the room the deal took place him. She recognizes one of the men in the room as Remmy. She begins to slip away but is heard. The bodyguard in the room fires a few rounds into the vents, but not before Cam gets back into the wall vent.

Cam relays the information about Remmy to the crew. Lesko tries to intimidate information out of the hacker. He succeeds, but learns that the hacker has an implant making him incapable of spilling what he knows. Fortunately, Zoe has psychic means of extracting this information. She makes her way to the lounge and uses her psychic ability to learn what he knows. He’s working for Ravenlocke.

Back in the Hotel. Remmy shouts into the vents. He asks if Cam is the one in the vents, guessing that it isn’t Lesko or Kelly. Cam does not respond, but stops and listens as Remmy makes a proposal. He has a job, and the ability to wipe their records with Ravenlocke if they agree. Cam posts a Virtual note on Remmy’s door. Naming a time and location for a meet.

Kelly takes Gardner back to his room, and slips out while Gardner sleeps with his luggage, containing the illegal uploads of the celebrity personalities. The job is a success.



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