Overdrive Zero


Job to deliver data comes to an end.


Connie questions the group on what they plan on doing. She thinks they should turn themselves in as Cam and Thibout haven’t commited any crimes and from Kelly and Lesko’s logs they can prove she was hacked and setup. The group convinces her that they need to deliver the information to find out what is going on. Connie agrees but says she has to report back. The group leave as she stays at the barn.

Flashback Camille (as Connie) has an argument with her father. He insists that she shouldn’t go to France but she insists. He tells her that if she does and she needs anything that his friend, Dr. François Chau has her backed up.

Thibout calls Alina and lets her know about the Metzner Manifesto being on the dark web. Wants to know what the true mission is. She doesn’t know but will try to get a hold of Jacques Rous

Group heads to Dusseldorf Ubersprawl. As they get near the city the find out mass protests due to the 35% unemployment rate are occurring. They can’t reach the German revolutionaries who they are suppose to deliver info to without leaving car and go through protest.

They arrive an are able to park the car fairly close. As they move through the protesters Kelly’s jamming device is stolen. Since her location is no longer a secret Kelly is hacked and Remy talks to her. She convinces him not to follow her and she will meet him at a nice restaurant.

Thibout notices a group of bounty hunters tracking them down. Thibout picks up Kelly and uses his overclocked cyberlegs to ditch them.

Cam and Lesko find revolutionaries who are hidden in a building. The revolutionaries then lead them to a large semi-truck in a reconstruction area. They have an operating table ready in the semi. Kelly is put under for surgery and the last thing she thinks of is Guy Carlyle.

To prevent others from finding Kelly the revolutionaries have devices like Dr. Chau’s that simulates the signal. Cam and Thibout ran out as distraction while Kelly is operated on.

Connie contacts Lesko and says that Ravenlocke has been allowed into Germany. Three attack helicopters are heading towards them. Lesko tells her to have them follow the false signals.

On one helicopter is Remy who figure that Kelly ditched her. He follows Thibout’s signal who stays uncover. He can here Remy (thinking he is Kelly) admitting his love for her.

Cam sees Connie on another helicopter tracking her down. Cam ditches her tracker in the sewer.

flashback Connie wakes in an alley will no memory. On the news is something about a building blown up and five Ravenlocke officers dying and one put in a coma. Two men approach her and try to take advantage but she cuts them up. Another man approaches her saying his name is Dr Chau and he is there to help her. She is reluctant but trusts him.

Kelly recovers with the tracker and something else removed. The second item is some kind of secondary data storage that looks like it drilled into her skin and attached to the tracker. At the moment Miguel Sauvageot with six revolutionaries enters. He introduces himself as Jacques Rous, leader to the “People’s Revolutionary Front”.

Lesko pulls his gun on him but the revolutionaries all of weapons on him. Jacques says that the data chip was planted on Kelly when he first slept with her. It contains code for a back door in the En Garde security software package his company developed. However, it was encoded and he did not have that. The decryption sequence was hidden on Dirk Metzner’s data courier. Jacques asks for the courier but Lesko says it is gone.

Jacques insists on the location and when Lesko refuses they shoot each other. Kelly then throws herself on top of Jacques asking them not to kill him. As Jacques and the revolutionaries are about to finish off Lesko, Thibout jumps in and gets into a fight with the guards. Cam manages to hijack the truck and jack-knife it as the sound of Ravenlocke helicopter gets closer.

The group starts to manage the situation but Jacques grabs Kelly holding his gun to her head. Lesko throws him the data courier and says leave. Lesko contacts Connie who is in the helicopter and lets her know Miguel Sauvageot (who blew up the building Lesko, Connie and their squad were in) was heading out. As Jacques run out Connie says “take the shot” and a sniper brings down Jacques.



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