Camille 'Cam' Mach

Bioroid Bounty Hunter In Search of Her Identity



Race/Species: Bioroid
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Rank: Novice

Dual Processors
Primary Protocol
Bounty Hunter

EMP Vulnerability
Secret (Major)-Unmarked Bioroid
Giri (Major)-Lesko Gave Me a Safehouse
Off the Grid

Cyberskull, Protean
Subdermal Armor, Advanced
EMP Shielding, Advanced

TAP Engrams/Apps:
T-App Babylon
T-App Bounty Board
T-App Firewall Fourth Dimension Security

SO Monowhip
AGA Black Knight Limited x2
PD Future Noir Wear
Dragonfly Microlight Vehicle



I’ve always been able to shadow my quarry. Gotten my man.

Until today.

Just as I was closing in, my quarry, Alina, gave me the slip. She got away because I was—distracted. Ever since I reawakened into this vat-grown husk, I’ve been replaying the same memory on a nightmare feedback loop; blurry snapshots of a Cambodian man and a birthday cake. But memories don’t have digital artifacts. Glitches do. Some days I can’t be certain…

Well my mentor used to say when you aren’t certain of the facts, go back to the beginning.

One: I know my name is (was?) Camille. Though only my parents ever called me Camille. Most everyone who thinks they know me calls me Cam. Everyone else just calls me Mach (pronounced ‘mock’).

Two: I grew up in the hard scrabble streets of New Ho Chi Minh City. A tomboy in pigtails with a TAP and a dream. Soon as I was able to scrape enough together and upgrade, I lost the pigtails and got the hell out of Dodge.

Three: Been a bounty hunter ever since and haven’t looked back. Seem to be decent enough at it to be paying the bills. For now.

Another thing that doesn’t sit right with me: I don’t remember ever celebrating my birthdays. Not even as a kid. Not ever. Who is that man in my memories?

Camille 'Cam' Mach

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