Zoe Bazinet

Freelance journalist, hacker, minor zeke


Race: Human
Occupation: Info Broker

Edges: Cutter, Investigator, Arcane Background (Psionics, Peek), Hacker (+1 NTough, hack for money)
Hindrances: Stress Trigger

Agility d6 Smarts d10 Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d6
Shooting d4
Stealth d6
Hacking d10 (+1 vs firewall)
Kn (Program) d8
Investigation d10
Notice d6
Streetwise d8
Psionics d8
Persuasion d4

Psionic Power
mind reading -1 : Mind reading allows a character to read another’s thoughts. This is an opposed roll versus the target’s Smarts. A success allows the character to gain one truthful answer from the subject. The target is aware of the mental intrusion unless the mind reader gets a raise. The GM may apply modifiers based on the subject’s mental Hindrances or current state of mind.
Disguise -1 : Disguise allows the character to assume the appearance (but none of the abilities) of another person. It requires a Notice roll at –2 to see through disguise if someone is familiar with the specific person mimicked; the penalty increases to –4 with a raise. If unfamiliar, the penalties are –4 and –6 respectively.
Farsight -1 : This spell endows the recipient to see over great distances. With a success, ranged penalties are halved for the subject (–1 at Medium and –2 at Long). If a raise is achieved, all range increments for the subject are doubled in addition (12/24/48 becomes 24/48/96).


Firewall AMS Neural Toughness Range
5 (8) 6 6 30
Installed Engrams
x2 Nonlethal Damage 2d6
x2 stealth -2 to notice

WT Wastelander Pistol: 15/30/60, 2d6+1, Shots 11/16, AP=1 Semi-Auto
2 doses black mist (1 to smart based rolls, -1 to notice)
Armor: 4
- ED UnderArmour 1 (stacks)
- PD Future Noir Wear 3 (+2 stealth when shadowing)

Credits: 50
Advances 4/5


Zoe was born in Lyon France. She was shy and spent a lot of time online. Later, her father (a chef) decided to move to Paris to run a larger restaurant. After a few years the restaurant went under and Zoe’s father could only good small restaurant jobs.

This pushed the family near the muslim ghetto were they had to pay off debts. Zoe made friend with a hacker, Alina her taught her a lot of tricks.

Later her older brother joined Ravenlocke Security under the command of Lesko. He was killed in a tragic explosion that killed him. Soon after the father disappeared.

Zoe made it her goal to find her father and what happened to her brother. She found her father had ran to the US working as a chef. She couldn’t break the new to her mother.

Her brother was a bigger mystery. She had bugged Lesko who had been let go and became a bartender. He said the target, Miguel Sauvageot had got the drop on them.

This curiosity led her to try and find other news stories to report on. She took online classes and started sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. That is when she discovered she was a Zeek as she heard the thoughts of those around her.

Zoe Bazinet

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