Overdrive Zero

Getting Out of Town
Ravenlock comes after everyone


Flashback of Connie Si Yan joining the Ravenlocke security team led by Lesko. We see them form a romantic relationship. Then a scene where they are hunting Miguel Sauvageot, a young R&D executive who stole the source code to Engarde Securites. They track Miguel to an abandoned building and Connie finds the building is rigged with explosives. Lesko find Miguel and Connie tells him to take him out but Lesko can’t harm an unarmed man. The building blows up killing everyone except Lesko and Connie who is in a comma. Final scene is a few days before Kelly kills Dirk. Connie, now a detective, visits Lesko and says she forgives him and lets him know she can get him back on the force.

Dr. Chau warns everyone that he has picked up an increase in drone activity and suspects that Ravenlock is nearby. He also detected a signal coming from Kelly. They ask if he can remove the implant that is giving off the signal and Chau says it will take him about two hours. Alina figures out that she can duplicate the signal at least confusing the security team. Fatima take the decoy and tells Thibout that if he can get the data to their team in Dusseldorf that it is Alah’s will and perhaps she can accept his implants (normally blasphemous).

Two Ravenlock helicopters show up and Fatima pulls one away. Kelly hops on the back of Lesko’s bike and they take off dodging fire from the helicopter. Thibout easily outruns a security team to a truck Chau said he could use. Cam tries to bring down the helicopter from her Dragonfly Microlite but is shot down where she takes down the security team on the ground. Cam catches up with Thibout who is having trouble with the security surrounding the truck and the two of them are able to take them out.

Kelly knows that Ravenlocke can still track her so she heads to an old client, Guy Carlyle, who used a large payoff from Ravenlocke for one night with Kelly. They show up and Guy is more than happy to help but isn’t able to remove the signal as it is too close to her spine and he isn’t a cybersurgeon. He is able to create a blocky device about the size of a baseball that blocks the signal.

Lesko and Thibout also spot a bounty hunter who is watching Guy’s. They question him and find out Ravenlocke has people watching all her old clients.

The group steels an Extended Samba Econoline and are able to get near the French/German border where a Ravenlocke roadblock has been set up. Cam uses her face changing cybernetics to disguise herself and her fake identity to get past the roadblock.

Soon after patrol cars try to pull them over saying something about a stolen car. They take out a patrol car just as three more pull up. A motorcycle gang shows up and helps them take the rest out. The gang then signals to them to follow and they do.

0 Innocence
In over their head, a team is formed.


Kelly is awake in bed as Dirk sleeps next to her. She gets a call on her TAP which immediately answers. A strange man saying that he needs her help asks Kelly to take an extraction device and shove it into the back of Dirk’s head removing data from his Data Courier (head storage).

She stalls and is interrupted by a Ravenlocke sysop saying he detected a break in to her TAP. The hacker and the sysop keep overwriting each other trying to talk to Kelly. She goes to get the security guard and is surprised to find Lesko but remembers him from his time with Ravenlock.

The hacker then tells her that they have helped other dolls become free of the corporation. She takes the extractor and shoves it into the back of Dirk’s head. Dirk starts gagging and Lesko tries to pull it out but snaps his neck. The sysop takes complete control and lets Kelly know there are two Ravenlock security on there way. Lesko and Kelly sneak out of the hotel and drive off.

Cam is able to track Alina to a rave and follows her bodyguard to a back room. She distracts the bodyguard and tries to capture Alina but is pushed into a lose wire and shocked.

Thibout makes it to the arab slums where Ravenlocke security has the area surrounded by aren’t doing anything about the French Purists attacking the area. A riot breaks out and the French Muslim start fighting with them. Thibout find Hakim who drags over a purists and puts him before Thibout telling him if he is with them to curb stomp the purist.

Thibout refuses and Hakim does it himself. He asks where Fatima is and Hakim says she went on an errand to a rave near the Champs Elysee.


Cam recovering from being shot takes out the two muslim guards who were protecting her. She takes a shot at Alina as the back door open and Fatima grabs her but Cam also shoots her. The two manage to jam the door shot and Cam decides to track down Alina later and recover at Dr. Fran├žois Chau, a doctor who also works the underground.

Lesko and Thibout get in contact and meetup. Lesko knows he needs a quick place to lay low and call on Cam who owes him big for letting her live in a room above his bar. Cam tells him that Chau’s place is safe and they head out to an abandoned warhouse near a porte on the Seine.

As everyone heads in a Chau’s drone picks up Alina and Cam won’t let her in. She heads out and tells her she is wanted by law and she will bring her in. Alina begs to at least allow her to look at the data from the data courier. Cam agrees but Alina pays 1000 now and 2000 later.

Fatima explains to Kelly, Lesko and Tibout that Dirk Metzner was tasked with coming with security for BMW which would lead the way for the rest of Germany. He originally wrote a powerful treatise on using the unemployed but BMW disagreed and deleted the treatise from all channels. It is beleived he had an encrypted copy on his data courier.

Lesko and Thibout start receiving calls form Ravenlocke but ignore them. Kelly gets a call from Remy who tries to talk her into turning herself in by she finally refuses and hangs up.

Alina tries to decrypt the data but is damaged and she tells them there is someone in Germany who can possibly decrypt it. However, BMW and Ravenlocke will have sniffers looking for evidence of the data so it is best to transport it by hand. Kelly, Lesko, Thibout and Cam agree to go.

On the news a Det Connie Si Yan is being interviewed about her investigation on the murder of Dirk Metzner. She says that the man fleeing with Kelly Amoureaux is believed to be Lesko Perkins, a former Ravenlocke employee.

Cam looks and Connie’s image and suddenly has vivid memories of being burnt in the same place she was.

Prequel: Seduction, Riots and Birthday Cake
Everything Begins


Kelly Amoureaux, a synthetic Escort used by Ravenlocke to entertain clients, is sent to meet with Dirk Metzner to help and close a deal with BMW. Remy, Kelly’s handler and salesman for Ravenlocke has also assigned Thibout Jahaur, a muslim cybermonk, to protect her. He tells Thibeaut to keep an eye on her no matter what.

As Kelly works her charms on Dirk and they head up to her room Thibeaut gets a call from his friend Hakim. Hakim tries to convince him to come down and help defend muslim territory from an attack by French traditionalists calling themselves the french army. Thibeaut argues with him telling Hakim to stay out of the fight. Hakim then says that Fatima will be there and hangs up. Thibeaut calls Fatima and tries to talk her out of the fight but his call is jammed.

Thibeaut calls his bartender friend, Lesko, and they make a deal that Lesko will cover as bodyguard while Thibeaut deals with the riot.

Camille Mach, a biodroid bounty hunter, is tracking a hacker named Alina. After a tip she got of a hack gone bad and Alina getting traced Camille finds her setup in the basement of an apartment. Camille then tails her to an underground bakery in the Champs Elysees where she discusses the riot with someone. He leaves leaving Alisa alone. Camille goes to bring her in but suddenly has a vision of a Cambodian man singing Happy Birthday and holding a birthday cake. When Camille comes to Alina has gotten away.


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