Overdrive Zero

Party Crashers

Break into a party to get the info they need.


- Group arrives on space station.

Find out that need to get Lucas Cabrera, a Ravenlocke agent who had been inserted into the COPS Corporation (competitor of Ravenlocke in space). Who was sending transitions back to Ravenlocke when suddenly they stopped.

His employer is Brent Clark, a young executive within COPS. Group finds out he is going into a party that is heavily secure. Plan is for Lesko and Zoe to steal a catering van and impersonate them while Kelly find a guest and becomes his date.

Step one is to hack the place having the party. They manage to get the guest list and caters. They also notice a strange car circling them. Kelly finds a guy and casually tricks him into picking her up at a bar.

Leon and Zoe get device the can extend the range on Zoe’s TAP do whatever it is attached to and allow them to track it. They head to the caterer and Leon sneaks in and places the device on a catering van while shorting out their second van while Zoe waits in the care outside. The two guys approach Zoe and she uses her zeek abilities to disguise herself as an executive assistant. One of the men is in a suit and the other is a cyborg. Zoe manages to hack the suit and finds out they are working for Ravenlocke.

Lesko calls Connie and asks about the men and why they are hunting them. She says because the group is interfering with a Ravenlocke investigation. Lesko says they are working for Ravenlocke under Remy and Connie tells him that he was fired after using Ravenlocke funds to get back Kelly.

The group calls Remy and asks why Ravenlocke and call him on working for Ravenlocke and he admits that he was fired buts convinces the group that the job is worth it and Lucas is worth millions.

The group keeps with the mission and Kelly has her man pick her up. Lesko and Zoe hijack the van when it comes by and knock out the original caterers. They take the van to the party. Kelly walks in and notices a lot of the guests are participating in glider suit events. She spots Connie and Brent. Lesko and Zoe come in as caterers serving food and Lesko talks with Connie.

Zoe approaches Bret who is getting ready to glide and tries to hack him. She succeeds but is immediately tracked and traced. Zoe gets any info she can on Lucas then dumps her food tray on Brent and gets in a glider suit and dives out.



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