Overdrive Zero

Prequel: Seduction, Riots and Birthday Cake

Everything Begins


Kelly Amoureaux, a synthetic Escort used by Ravenlocke to entertain clients, is sent to meet with Dirk Metzner to help and close a deal with BMW. Remy, Kelly’s handler and salesman for Ravenlocke has also assigned Thibout Jahaur, a muslim cybermonk, to protect her. He tells Thibeaut to keep an eye on her no matter what.

As Kelly works her charms on Dirk and they head up to her room Thibeaut gets a call from his friend Hakim. Hakim tries to convince him to come down and help defend muslim territory from an attack by French traditionalists calling themselves the french army. Thibeaut argues with him telling Hakim to stay out of the fight. Hakim then says that Fatima will be there and hangs up. Thibeaut calls Fatima and tries to talk her out of the fight but his call is jammed.

Thibeaut calls his bartender friend, Lesko, and they make a deal that Lesko will cover as bodyguard while Thibeaut deals with the riot.

Camille Mach, a biodroid bounty hunter, is tracking a hacker named Alina. After a tip she got of a hack gone bad and Alina getting traced Camille finds her setup in the basement of an apartment. Camille then tails her to an underground bakery in the Champs Elysees where she discusses the riot with someone. He leaves leaving Alisa alone. Camille goes to bring her in but suddenly has a vision of a Cambodian man singing Happy Birthday and holding a birthday cake. When Camille comes to Alina has gotten away.



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