Overdrive Zero

Zero-G End Game

Execute mission, truth behind Cabrera


Cam and Remy head to the space dock to prepare an escape from the station. They meet with, Paulo, in a warehouse who is suppose to get them off the station but armed thugs tries to gun them down. Cam takes them out and heads into an office where Paulo is planning an executing Remy for dealings with Ravenlocke. Remy tells Cam he isn’t with Ravenlocke via TAP. And the two convince Paulo that Remy is solo. Paulo agrees to work with them and offers Cam a full time position.

Kelly leaves the party with Paulson, her date, and their is a traffic stop but she is able to convince the cops that they are nothing to worry about.

Zoe and Lesko meet at a safehouse and Zoe says they should abort the job. Lesko says he can’t because he figured out that Remy set him and Connie up when they went out to look for Miguel Sauvageot before he blew up the building.

Everyone else shows back up and Zoe reluctantly agrees. She crawls through the data she got off Brent Clark and find that Lucas Cabrera is being held at an anonymous building and the far end of the station. She also find out their is a major cooler removal and get herself, Lesko and Connie in as maintenance while Kelly goes in as a CORP security intern.

Kelly heads in first and is able to distract the security and get them to give her a tour of the area. The rest of the crew has some difficulty as they cause some noise and pull in guards but quickly take them out.

When they get near the room Cabrera is held their TAPS loose the wireless connection. They head in and see a large room with Cabrera in the middle surrounded by a glass wall. Lesko and Cam take out the guards while Zoe reads the minds of a scientist and finds out that Cabrera is affected with a dangerous AI. Zoe walks up to him and shoots Cabrera in the head. Lesko is enraged but after Zoe explains he backs her and everyone gets out.

The group meets back up with Remy and Lesko has Zoe confirm he isn’t a holigram. Once she does Lesko shoots him in the chest killing Remy. Kelly is incredibly upset saying she loved Remy and will never talk to Lesko again. Zoe makes one last hack on Remy’s TAP before he dies.



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