Thibout Jahaur

Cybermonk in Search of Enlightenment


Thibout was born in Paris 2070 to Afghani immigrants. He did well in school, and began to follow his father in his trade as a mechanic. In early adulthood he fell in with a crowd of activists working to advance the rights of Muslims in France.

Thibout lost his legs three years ago when an explosion went off during a riot in the streets of Paris. He was pulled into a bar by Lesko Perkins before he was trampled by the crowd.

Dissatisfied with the cheap replacement legs he was given after the riot, he began to modify his cybernetics using information on the net, and a little technical skill.

The modifications were painful and made his limbs nearly unusable, but through practice and Muraqaba meditation, he began to use his new limbs at a level well beyond their intended design. His cybernetics now feel more a part of him than his natural limbs ever did.

Thibout has since aquired many additional modifications. Aquiring mods outside of medical necessity is frowned upon in his culture and religion, but he hopes to change thier minds.

Thibout Jahaur

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